Convert .AXM to 264

Convert .AXM to .264

Axmedis Object File Format (.AXM)

The .AXM file format is used by AXMEDIS tool for multi-channel production and broadcasting, IP/Internet, WEB sites, P2P, mobile, PDA, IPTV, Interactive TV and channels. AXMEDIS Editor and Player support many types of cross-media with and without DRM support, from single multimedia file to complex collections for a large range of applications.
The AXMEDIS Multichannel DRM is an open and interoperable solution for protection and rights management.
The mime type for Axmedis Object File Format (.AXM) is

H.264 (Mpeg 4) Avc Video File (.264)

Files with the .264 extension are intermediary files containing raw video footage. They're used for storing data that can be later converted to the standard H.264 video format.
Usually, .264 files are created by video ripping or video converting programs for storing chunks of data before compiling it into a single larger file. Videos of the .264 format cannot be viewed with most media players because they don't have any headers. This makes them unintelligible to most programs.
How to open .264 Files
Raw .264 files can be opened with almost any video splitting or video converting software available on the internet. Most of them are free and will do a good job at playing the video.
However, when it comes to converting .264 files to other, more player friendly formats, users have reported numerous errors. Some programs can't convert the entire video, only a part of it, others can't find the H264 start code in order to start the conversion and finally, some manage to do it but at a high quality cost.
To avoid all this, it's recommended to first convert .264 files to .avi ones and then changing them to your desired format.

Convert Axmedis Object File Format to H.264 (Mpeg 4) Avc Video File

How to open .AXM Axmedis Object File Format files?
  • AXMEDIS Player
  • AXMEDIS Editor
How to open .264 H.264 (Mpeg 4) Avc Video File files?
  • StaxRip
  • Toast

.AXM to .264 converter

Disclamer: .AXM to .264 converter is provided to give you some guidence about how to convert files from .AXM to .264. You might need to purchase certain software to do the actual conversion.

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