Farad (Si Unit) (F)

Convert Farad (Si Unit) (F)

The capacitance between two parallel plates that results in one volt of potential difference when charged by one coulomb of electricity.[25]

Convert units of measurement: 1 Farad (Si Unit) F in Capacitance

Conversion examples

Query Country City Time
49000 kilogram to ton-short United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Wembley 23 minutes
559000 kilobyte-kibibyte to bit-shannon Kingdom of the Netherlands Amsterdam 42 minutes
31000 lux-si-unit United States San Ramon about 1 hour
38400 square-foot to acre-international Republic of India Ichalkaranji about 1 hour
1924343 mark to clove Japan about 1 hour
5275 watt-si-unit to ton-of-refrigeration-imperial Kingdom of Bahrain about 1 hour
21600 square-foot to acre-international United States Seattle about 1 hour
6400 btu-international-table-per-hour to ton-of-air-conditioning United States Long Beach about 2 hours
5893 angstrom to nanometer Republic of India Morādābād about 2 hours
1193 angstrom to mil-thou Republic of India Gurgaon about 2 hours
24050 btu-international-table-per-hour to ton-of-air-conditioning Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Riyadh about 2 hours
17318 byte to kilobyte-decimal Republic of India New Delhi about 2 hours
99999 mile-per-hour to kilometre-per-hour Socialist Republic of Vietnam Hanoi about 2 hours
25000 litre to ton-water Commonwealth of Australia Paramatta about 3 hours
514000 square-foot to acre-international United States Renton about 3 hours
3 mach-number to kilometre-per-hour United States Charlotte about 3 hours
473 knot to mach-number United States Charlotte about 3 hours
5893 angstrom to nanometer Republic of India Morādābād about 3 hours
21464 square-foot to acre-international Canada Vernon about 3 hours
48 kip-per-square-inch to pound-per-square-inch United States Dallas about 3 hours

Farad (Si Unit) (F) converter

Disclamer: Farad (Si Unit) (F) converter is provided to give you some guidence about how to convert Farad (Si Unit) (F) units of measurement into other units. You might need to purchase certain software to do the actual conversion.

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