Steradian (Si Unit) (sr)

Convert Steradian (Si Unit) (sr)

The solid angle subtended at the center of a sphere of radius r by a portion of the surface of the sphere having an area r2. A sphere encompasses 4π sr

Convert units of measurement: 1 Steradian (Si Unit) sr in Solid angle

Conversion examples

Query Country City Time
10,876 sqft square-foot to acre-u-s-survey United States Yorktown Heights 3 minutes
10,876 sqft square-foot to acre-u-s-survey United States Yorktown Heights 4 minutes
14800 newton-metre-si-unit to metre-kilogram Hellenic Republic Athens 6 minutes
2200 litre-per-minute to gallon-us-fluid-per-minute Republic of India Salem 14 minutes
6336 cubic-inch to litre Canada Toronto 27 minutes
21632 square-foot to acre-u-s-survey United States Saint Charles 37 minutes
560 litre to pint-imperial United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 38 minutes
2701 kilogram-per-litre to gram-per-millilitre United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Castleford 42 minutes
80000 pascal-si-unit to atmosphere-standard Kingdom of Spain Barcelona about 1 hour
8772 square-foot to acre-international United States about 1 hour
7890 pound to ton-long Canada about 1 hour
10890 square-foot to acre-international Republic of India Mumbai about 1 hour
352 cubic-foot to litre United States Los Angeles about 1 hour
2890 foot-per-minute to furlong-per-fortnight Canada Richmond Hill about 1 hour
13200 litre to cubic-inch Kingdom of Morocco Agadir about 1 hour
190000 pound-per-square-inch to pound-per-square-foot Kingdom of the Netherlands Leiden about 2 hours
100000 litre to ton-displacement Republic of South Africa Pretoria about 2 hours
86400 newton-metre-si-unit to metre-kilogram Republic of Austria Vienna about 2 hours
176000 mile-per-second to speed-of-light-in-vacuum United States Livingston about 2 hours
3070 cubic-inch to litre United States Santa Fe about 2 hours

Steradian (Si Unit) (sr) converter

Disclamer: Steradian (Si Unit) (sr) converter is provided to give you some guidence about how to convert Steradian (Si Unit) (sr) units of measurement into other units. You might need to purchase certain software to do the actual conversion.

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